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SupahFans Streetwear's Customer Service
FAQs, Styles, Sizing, Delivery Questions
FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions: Shopping the SupahFans.com WEBSTORE
+ When will I receive my web order that I place online today?
On average The SupahStaff ships 3 days each week using our trusty U.S. Postal Service's First Class & Priority Mail packages without tracking.
First Class Mail is typically used when a fan orders one shirt (or item).
Priority Mail is always used when a fan orders two shirts (or more).
Metro Boston fans typically receive First Class or Priority Mail packages within one day from our ship date.
New England and Northeast fans typically receive First Class or Priority Mail packages within two days from our ship date.
U.S. fans
outside the Northeast typically receive First Class or Priority Mail packages within 2-3 days from our ship date.
Canadian fans typically receive First Class (only) Mail packages within 4-7 days from our ship date at a $7.50 rate.
outside North America typically receive First Class (only) Mail packages within 7-14 days from our ship date at a $10.00 flat rate.
+ May I pay more and request UPS, Fed Ex or another express shipping service?
No, although we are open each day, we do not process web orders daily here in Fenway because our staff travels to so many events across
New England each week.  We want your business and want to deliver your orders in a timely manner so please call us for any urgent desires
for our products: 866-787-2432.  We may have an alternative solution for you.
- I received an email confirmation that my order was shipped but have yet to receive it. Where is it?
Our staff packs products on a first come, first serve basis about 3 times each week.  We do not use US Postal tracking because the post office
has been so reliable for us over 7 years of shipping web orders and we want to keep your shipping costs low (or nil).  If you received an email
confirmation stating your item was shipped that notification indicates that our staff printed your web order packing slip to pack your product
and we expect to ship from our local post office within 24 hours.  If you haven't received your package in a timely manner (as indicated above)
there are a few ways we may know where your package is and we request you call 866-787-2432 or email staff at supahfans . com for help.
+ What are SupahFans Streetwear's RETURN, REFUND & EXCHANGE POLICIES?
We are convinced we have New England's best customers!  In 7 years, we can literally count on one hand the number of times a fan
requested a refund and returned our products.  Thank you!  However; obviously, our products are not for everyone so we have a 100%
Guaranteed Return Policy for either a full financial refund (except shipping or related costs) or exchange for product(s) of equal value.  If you
are unsatisfied with our product for any reason, please contact us within 15 days of receipt of your product for the easiest process of receiving
a refund or exchange.  Returns must be mailed to The SupahFans Store at 470 Commonwealth Avenue; Boston, MA 02215
+ Why doesn't SupahFans Streetwear offer express shipping?
Because our small staff travels to events across New England we cannot reasonably guarantee express shipping for your web order and we
don't want to disappoint your expectations for product arrival.  Please be patient with us as we fulfill orders.  We also encourage you to call us
directly to discuss alternative ordering and delivery methods.
+ What Forms of Payment may I use to shop SupahFans' web store?
SupahFans.com provides a secure web cart shopping system powered by Yahoo! Shopping.  Online customers may use American Express,
Discover, Mastercard, Paypal or Visa.  Srrangements for mailing a check or money order may be made when you call and/or email our staff.
+ From where are SupahFans' products sourced, manufactured and silk-screened?
SupahFans Streetwear typically selects 4 manufacturers brands for our shirt production: American Apparel, Anvil, Comfort Color or Gildan.  
Each product page will indicate the general style of shirt and quality. American Apparel is specifically listed and typically shrink half-a-size.  
"Weathered shirts" are made by Comfort Color.  "Pre-shrunk unisex" t-shirts are classic regular men's cut tees.  "Fashion Fit" pre-shrunk tees
are typically manufactured by Anvil and compare in feel and quality to American Apparel but are not originally produced in the U.S.
Our brand typically prints in two metro Boston locations: Everett and West Bridgewater.
+ Does SupahFans.com offer officially licensed MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL and other league products?
SupahFans Streetwear prides itself in being the first well-branded fun & creative unofficial sports brand.  Most of our "SupahFans" branded
products are not associated with leagues or players unless specifically stated on that product's web page.  Occassionally, SupahFans
Streetwear partners with teams, players, entertainers and other organizations to create products we may refer to as "Official" or "Officially
Licensed".  Additionally, we typically stock a handful of league-licensed products like novelties and baseball hats seasonally in our Fenway
store.  Please feel free to contact us and let us know what other brands and product lines you might like to see SupahFans.com sell.
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Pick your size at left and while checking out comment to us your favorite sport, team or color. We might call you to give you our best options.

- Your Friendly Neighborhood SupahStaff
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